Piccini Chianti Riserva


Like a lot of the country last night, I was snowed in. I use the term lightly because if I really needed to get out, I could of. But a little voice said ‘No, stay in and have a glass of wine under your blanket on the sofa.’ The larger voice told me that this was what I had to do.

So, I cracked open the Piccini Chitanti Riserva – one of the left overs from the Christmas onslaught. Supprisingly there has been one or two bottles left over. They are saved, not forgotten about.

On to the drinking, being the daughter of a heavy Italian red drinking mother I know I like my reds full and so to speak – meaty. But finding cheap Chianti’s that pack a punch is quite difficult. The Piccini is from Tesco’s and often one of the discounted regulars at around £4.99 a bottle.

And for a cheap Chianti the Piccini line (who stock regularly to the major supermarkets) does it again by producing a ripe and fruitful easy drinking red. It still retains an element of distinction with subtle complex notes making it great for drinking on its own or with some mild cheeses. I have drunk this with red meat dishes and it does hold its weight without overpowering any of the food so it can be done.

A good bottle to have around for parties, or friends dropping in. 3/5


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