Tesco Wine by the case App


I’m never one to pass on a good App, so I have to share my experience with the latest wine App to hit our iPhones, the ‘Tesco Wine by the case App’. There’s a few wine App’s creeping around at the moment, the Ocardo offers purchases on wine as well as on food and Berry Brothers have a wonderful little listing as an App. So wine does appear to be making an effort to enter a more digital age – but does this sort of thing work?

So I found some bottles lurking left over from the weekend and got testing! So first things first, when you load the App you get a rather basic page, no real instructions needed, you ‘Start here’.

You’ll then be taken to your camera where you take a picture of the label on the wine, trying to make sure you fit it into the blue lines.

From there, the wine finder kicks in and starts searching all over the place for your bottle and its details. Once its found it, you see a picture of your wine and it get’s added into a history section, so you can look back at past wines you’ve searched for.

You can rate the wine, read up on the ‘info’ tab to check all the vital details including food pairing, region and even a little bit on the history of the wine. You can also, and here’s what Tesco is hoping you do, go on to buy this wine.

What I liked most was the Discover tab where you can do a basic search for the sort of wine you like. Good for those after something a bit more specific.

The usability of this App is great, its simple to navigate round and great to quickly search for some more information when you standing in the supermarket. But that’s the thing, its only Tesco stocked wines. Whilst its a great move forward to eventually an online collection of wines in that sort of format, it still means that you are limited to what just one supermarket stocks.

Still, its a great App, handy to have and a good tool if like me, you get your food shopping from Tesco’s. There’s obviously scope for App’s like this and I think this is a real starter in some more wine App’s, programs and services peaking through in 2010.

a_little_wine rating: 4/5


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