By the glass


Now, maybe it’s me but I’ve done some speculating over the last few months and I’ve noticed that my favourite pastime is slowly starting to die out. If I am having a drink after work like the other thousands of other people who like to, I only want to stay for one. Maybe two at a push. If I want one pint, or one vodka or one j2o (that’s rare) I can order just one.

Wine by the glass however, just seems to be a major let down. Last week, I got a glass of merlot that had clearly been open longer than a week, a Pinot Gris that was tepid and clearly cost less than they were charing for a glass and then told (probably the most upsetting for me), ‘we only do wine by the bottle’.

Now I know I’ll be told were still in a poxy recession but you can always turn to the R word for an excuse, wanting A glass of half decent wine is one of lifes little pleasures that I feel is slipping away. Not only that, I don’t need the encouragement to drink a whole bottle on a Thursday night. Really, I don’t.

So my plea is not only for bars to please support us one glass drinkers but for you lovely people to suggest good bars in London where I can get a decent glass of wine for under £10!

Lastly, note the image. I broke the corkscrew when I needed it most…


3 thoughts on “By the glass

  1. Absolutely true – serving wine ‘only by the bottle’ is all well and good for those with will-power, however for folk like me whose arm is twisted with a mere whiff of a Merlot, it is ludicrously dangerous. Could go on about drink-driving being encouraged etc but I digress. Corkscrew-gate is classic also.

  2. Agreed – serving wine only by the bottle is all well and good for those rare souls with willpower – for the rest of the population (including me) this is a ludicrously dangerous way of ensuring a whole bottle is consumed. Not fair when the intention for having ‘just the 1’ is pure and good. I could go on about encouraging drink-driving etc but I do digress….

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