Cheese and wine matching is endless and that’s why I love it


I genuinely think that a cheese (and meat, bread, pickles etc etc) board is my favourite food thing of all time. The combinations are endless for the food and that’s exactly the same for the wine. Yes, you can try and match an indidvial cheese to an individual wine who really only has one cheese? A fool I tell you. A FOOL. 

I’m a grazer so finding different wines to match different cheeses is like a quest. There are so many, so many different opinions and variables. For this cheese board though we had a bit of a showstopper – the Waitrose 1 Camembert. Had my eyes on this beaut after going through a slight obsession with baked Camembert. This beast was stinky. No, there wasn’t something rotting at the back of the fridge. It was my cheese. Hell yeah.

Ara Vineyard Single Vineyard 2014: Waitrose £11.99

The wine was a complete blind choice. I knew a pinot from New Zealand would be a fair match and this wine did not disappoint. I’m pretty sure it was down to £8.99 when I picked it up which, I’m bloody glad I did because it was an absolute bargain for that price. It was full of rich fruity raspberry and cherry flavours but not too heavy on the palate. Exactly what I wanted for pairing with this hot, baked and pungent cheese. The slightly spicy notes too give it the right amount of balance so it’s not overly fruity. All that wrapped together makes it such easy drinker. This is a wine I will absolutely be buying again. 


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