Toasting a run in with a pigeon, really.


The first few days of actual warm sunshine mean not wearing a thick winter coat, finally getting to wear sandals and obviously, a well chilled glass of Rosé. The first glass of the year is always an opportunity to raise a glass to surviving the dark cold winter months. However, I had a bit of a grim morning. A pigeon decided to dump its gut on my shoulder just before I walked in to work.

Horrified, I took off my jacket as quick as I could and ran to the nearest toilet to clean it off. When I got there I realised it was all in my hair too. In my absolutely mortified state I flung my head in to the sink under the awkward taps to try and wash my air. At which point I gagged and threw up. I washed my hair with soap and then had to get it out of jacket too, at which point I noticed that the poo had ricocheted across my jacket.

I think it is apt to say it was a shit start to the day.

I also know that people say it’s good luck. I don’t know why, maybe someone made it up to try and make themselves feel better about the fact that they have been literally crapped on. But I’m not going to dwell on it. I’m raising a glass of Rosé to finding it hilarious and hopefully to being lucky with the lottery ticket I’ve picked up. Every cloud!

Two rosés worth checking out:

Taste the Difference Côtes De Provence Rosé £8: I absolutely LOVE this wine. It is a beautiful pale pink colour and in a really fancy bottle. I love it because it is gentle, it has really delicate red berry flavours but it’s still dry. Perfectly chilled, this is an ideal match to go with some alfresco meats and cheeses. Don’t go too strong on the cheese though.

Taste the Difference Rioja Rosado Rosé £7: Too many people associate Rioja with red wine but if you can find the whites and rosés around, try them! This mix of Tempranillo, Garnacha and Viura has brilliant balance between the fruit and acidity. It’s fruitier than the Provence so if you prefer something with a few more strawberries in it, go for this.


It’s time for some rosé!


What is that big yellow-orange thing in the sky?! Could it be? I think it might be… it’s sunshine! Ok it’s still freezing cold and not quite pint-of-cider-in-the-pub time but who cares. The sun has popped itself out and that means its time for the first rosé wine of the year.

Rosé wines are not my forte so when I decided to break out of my comfort zone to try new wines I totally threw caution to the wind and picked this up. I think the reason that I don’t drink much of the pink stuff is mainly from bad experiences. Some people might argue with me on this one but I think when it comes to bad wine, rosé is the bracket that is most saturated with utter crap. Overly sweet and pumped with sugar are the worst of the bunch so finding a good one is always a pleasure.

What really drew me to this Cinsault Vielles Vignes (£7) was the colour. It’s not a lurid hot pink but a dusty pale hue with a slight touch of rust. I’m glad I picked it up because if anything can restore my faith in what a good rose can taste like, it’s this.

I admittedly over chilled it, but when it was a little less closer to frozen it was a complex mix of sharp gooseberry notes underpinned by some red fruit. The label suggested blackcurrants but I found it a bit lighter than that. If it lasted longer it would have been a brilliant accomplishment to some barbecued prawns.

A rosé I’ll be returning to in the Summer!