Welcome back, taste buds!

White wine

A few weeks ago I got a cold. And a chest infection. And a whole host of other gross things that you get when you share germs with people trains. I have been a coughing, snotty mess for way too long.

The worst part of getting anything cold or flu related is losing the ability to taste ANYTHING. If at any point in the future I ever feel the need to do some sort of chilli eating competition or fancy eating a Scotch Bonnet, I’m getting a cold first.

I couldn’t drink given the amount of stuff I was taking to combat said crap illness so naturally, as soon as I can’t have something I want it. I want it even more than I would have done before and then some. BUT I’M OUT ON THE OTHER SIDE. So I don’t care if winter is coming, I’m having a glass of white.

Marques de Alarcon Blanco 2014 – Marks and Spencer, on offer at £5.99

I picked this up because Spanish wine still offers such good value for money and I really fancied something that wasn’t oaked. It’s a blend of the popular Macabeo grape and Verdejo. It’s pretty fresh, packed full of slightly waxy lemon and lime flavours and a balanced but dry finish. If you are looking for something to go with grilled fish or as a slightly different white for a mid-week treat, this is it.

IWSC Bronze


Finding time to take time

bars, White wine

Some people go to Yoga. Some meditate. Others play computer games or listen to music. I go for a glass of wine and people watch. 

Whatever you do in life it’s important to always take five, ten or however long you need to sit back and claim some time for yourself. As a commuter I’ve been through so many waves of pain waiting for and on trains, feeling frustrated and running between A and C that B doesn’t even get a look in. But B is important and without it you will go stir crazy. Same goes with working at a busy job and after an early, stressful start I just need a bit of time to stop and reset. 

I’m currently sat in Sourced in St Pancras International. It’s easily the best station in London and for the last few months I’ve run in and out, completely missing that this place has had an overhaul. And it’s SO much better. More seating, a better bar area and the new staff are so super friendly it’s almost unnerving. Plus the deli has had a revamp – but still be prepared to pay an absolute fortune. I recommend the black pudding quail scotch egg. It’s small but mighty and well worth the price. I promise. 

For £6 I’ve got a delicious LARGE glass of Picpoul de Pinet that’s super fresh, zesty with really tasty lemon notes and just a cheeky hint sweetness to balance it. That’s all wrapped up in with a hug of green floral aromas around it. De-lic-ious. 
I’m watching everyone do what I’ve stopped to take a break from and it’s making me calm. Plus there are the odd moments of lovely greetings Love Actually style that make me smile. Reset achieved.