Welcome back, taste buds!

White wine

A few weeks ago I got a cold. And a chest infection. And a whole host of other gross things that you get when you share germs with people trains. I have been a coughing, snotty mess for way too long.

The worst part of getting anything cold or flu related is losing the ability to taste ANYTHING. If at any point in the future I ever feel the need to do some sort of chilli eating competition or fancy eating a Scotch Bonnet, I’m getting a cold first.

I couldn’t drink given the amount of stuff I was taking to combat said crap illness so naturally, as soon as I can’t have something I want it. I want it even more than I would have done before and then some. BUT I’M OUT ON THE OTHER SIDE. So I don’t care if winter is coming, I’m having a glass of white.

Marques de Alarcon Blanco 2014 – Marks and Spencer, on offer at £5.99

I picked this up because Spanish wine still offers such good value for money and I really fancied something that wasn’t oaked. It’s a blend of the popular Macabeo grape and Verdejo. It’s pretty fresh, packed full of slightly waxy lemon and lime flavours and a balanced but dry finish. If you are looking for something to go with grilled fish or as a slightly different white for a mid-week treat, this is it.

IWSC Bronze


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