Saint Clair – Pioneer Block 7 Berry Block Sauvignon Blanc 2008


I had developed quite a love affair with white wines, in particular anything from Saint Clair or New Zealand over the summer and started to feel the distinct yearnings for something refreshing to cleanse my taste buds. Winter is the time for reds, without a doubt but it’s always the end of January that see’s me trawling back on the whites.

So. I have a decision to make. It’s the beginning of Feb and after a Christmas full of situations involving the words ‘I’ll pay for those’, I was feeling ever so slightly light pocketed last week. Not to the point that I would need to stoop down to a fiver a bottle, oh no thats next week. I decided I would have a reasonably healthy budget to treat those taste buds.

As soon as I thought about what I wanted and more importantly what I was desperate to show the man, I knew what I had to buy – Saint Clair. And to quench that thirst for something refreshing, zesty and palate awakening was the Pioneer Block 2008 7 Sauvignon Blanc.

What makes this wine worth its average of £15 a bottle is it’s elegance, some cheap New Zealand Sauv’s can be overly sweet or dryer than paint stripper. Yet the balance of fruit to minerals in block 7 perfectly match to give you the citrus blast against a mineral edge that prolongs the flavor. On the nose, you can really pick up those grassy and nettle like notes mixed with a passion fruit sweetness. All match by its golden straw colour.

Across the board, Saint Clair produces amazing wines and this is absolutely a beautifully elegant example of a collection of wonderful wines.Very deserving of a 5/5


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